The gallery is of registered varieties, some old, some new and a lot are no longer held as I have replaced with newer varieties or my own seedlings. 

This is just an idea of the variety available and extensive ranges can be obtained through the contacts in the Links page.

These are all photo's taken by myself over the years and illustrate how the plant performs in the UK but are not necessarily recommendations.

A word of warning - when buying plants, please do not rely on images from the internet. A lot of daylilies are bred in the USA and as such the growing conditions in (for example) Florida are a lot different to any county in the UK. This same plant (particularly 'unusual form' daylilies and those with teeth and paler edges (which usually require more heat)) will therefore unlikely perform and display the same. Save money and disappointment by asking UK growers for an honest assessment of how the plant performs in the UK - all enthusiastic daylily collectors will have experienced this (including myself) to the extent that they will avoid certain types/lines altogether. Worst case -  some daylilies are so unhappy in the UK that they simply never flower e.g. in 4 years 'Gary Colby' has never flowered in the garden and in 10 years I can only recall 'Oaks's Love' flowering once. Additionally, if you check my images of 'Candy Cane Dreams' and 'Fantastic Fringe' you will see how they vary from most other published photo's. This is no different to any other variety/species of plant. Please contact me if you would like a personal account of any of these plants.

A further word of warning and again this applies to any plant and not just daylilies. Be wary of 'punchy' bright coloured illustrations whether it be on the net or in publications. Research as much as possible and refine filters to illustrate images from the UK only if possible. Different media produces different results and different digital devices will often have a colour bias e.g. same seedling taken with 2 different digital cameras, 1 adds too much red and the other too much blue.


Sorry to add the words of warning but I want everybody to enjoy these plants as much as I do, to the extent that you are so pleased with how they perform that you come back for more. A tougher, easier perennial that provides so much variety and exotic beauty is simply not known to me. There are tens of thousands of registered daylilies in almost any size, colour and shape you could want.  

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